Not Even A House Eviction Could Stop This Young Entrepreneur: Didus Businge’s Story of Resilience and Determination

While most young people’s dream is to finish school and get a job, 28-year-old Didus Businge, a social sector planning, and management student aspires to grow Komuka Skills Hub, a business he manages into a center that equips underprivileged youth in and around Kampala with the skills they need to realize self-reliance.

How it all begun

The Komuka dream was born in 2016. Didus and a friend who was skilled in shoe making envisioned a place where unemployed vulnerable youth would come and receive skills that would enable them to forge a future for themselves and their loved ones. The two rented a room for their outfit, then called Dream Uganda. Like all startups, it was not long before the costs of running the business came calling. Unable to raise the necessary rent, they were sent packing.  They moved into an abandoned kitchen.

When the going got tougher, his partner quit. Didus realized that he needed help—partners that he could collaborate with. He brought on board a few people and sought shelter in a nearby garage.

Later in 2018, the social enterprise rebranded to Komuka Skills hub.

Hard work Pays

Despite all the challenges, Didus persevered and it paid off. Today, Komuka is housed in a decent structure and with a fully functional workshop. The social enterprise currently employs seven young women and men and has been able to attract partners including Collage, AMREF and KCCA.

As a key partner, Collage supports Komuka to market its products and creates platforms that bring£ producers together to share ideas on how to improve production and business practices.

Looking into the future

When asked what the future looks like for Komuka, Didus explained, “My dream is to create a chain of production workshops across the country. This would give more vulnerable  youth an opportunity to acquire skills that can help them to earn a living and to improve their lives.”

Advise to young people

“There is no bad job. Find something and focus on it. Use every opportunity wisely and be open to hard work. Getting to where you want to go needs hard work.”



3 thoughts on “Not Even A House Eviction Could Stop This Young Entrepreneur: Didus Businge’s Story of Resilience and Determination

  • Paul HildrethMarch 17, 2020 at 8:35 am

    I am so proud of my friend

  • Nabimanya PeterMarch 17, 2020 at 8:54 am

    Wow. Inspiring!

  • Sankara TomMarch 17, 2020 at 9:06 am

    kudos my O.B Didus, i thank God for u and were he is taking u.


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