If You Fail Today, Try Again Tomorrow And Do Not Stop Until You Break Through: One Entrepreneur’s Story Of Endurance And Perseverance

It is one thing to have a great business idea, it is another to transform it into a sustainable business. Even successful entrepreneurs admit that it is not easy translating an idea into a thriving business. This is because building a successful business requires a lot more than a good idea. Foundational requirements include having a product or service that is competitive, putting together a skilled team, capital, having a clear plan, and executing it, the list is quite long.

Like many young entrepreneurs, when Paul Mugisha started his first business, all he had was what he thought was a brilliant idea and a bit of money to buy raw materials for his first product—an initialed wrist-band made out of plastic beads. Relying on his craft-making skills, he soon expanded his customer base and product range to include sophisticated necklaces and earrings. Within just a few months, the business was booming, but it was not too long before the slump came—after all, one can only buy so many custom necklaces.

This would be the first of several business failures. But with each failure, came important lessons, lessons that Paul would later use to start and grow his current business.

Unlike many of us that quit when things do not work out, Paul knew that his only option was to keep trying until something worked out.

“I had my share of failures. I tried several business ideas that did not work out. Obviously, I was discouraged, but I also learned a lot. And at the back of my head, I knew that if I persevered, I would make it someday.” Paul Said.

Rising from the Ashes

In 2014, with a new business idea, Paul decided to start a company dealing in leather products with a focus on sandals.  His vision was a leading company producing high-quality and affordable shoes.

Paul got the idea after hearing friends express disappointment at the quality and price of leather sandals on the market. He realized that this was a gap that he could fill. He figured that if he started a business that met a need, his chances of success were much higher. He decided to utilize the shoe-making skills he had acquired in 2011 to address the need for quality footwear.

Then a student at University, Paul’s livelihood depended on the success of the company. He was well aware that catering to all his school and basic needs were tied to how much he would be able to produce and sell. The only option was to focus, work hard, and ensure that the business succeeded.

Paul’s efforts paid off. Today, he has sold thousands of products across the country, upgraded his skills by going for further training in Kenya, and trained a team that has made it possible to expand production. When asked about how he was able to pull this off, Paul explained that “it was persistence and endurance that made this possible. I had to be committed and at the same time dynamic. My field is influenced by trends and so, I have to be willing to embrace emerging trends, learn fast, and apply.”

Paul’s dream is for the company to purchase a plot and set up premises for the workshop, to increase production capacity and to be able to employ not less than 15 highly skilled artisans.

Working with Collage

Paul is one of over thirty entrepreneurs that are currently being supported by Collage to improve their business operations.

Through Collage, he has been able to upscale production services.

Collage has helped us to broaden our market reach and has provided extensive advisory services,” Paul said.

To the young entrepreneurs, Paul encourages “endurance and perseverance and desire for growth and improvement. If you fail today, try again tomorrow, and do not stop until you breakthrough.”

You can shop for Paul’s products here.

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    This is my ob at St Peter’s and seriously I believe in everything he has said thank collage I feel blessed to have read through and understand …may the Lord reward u More..


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