How this Dotting Mother is Taking her Home-based Business to New Heights

When Maria Ajwang welcomed her baby in 2018, she knew that her life would never be the same. At 28, then, Maria knew that she had to work hard in order to provide the best to her baby.

A graduate of information technology, Maria’s hope had always been being able to practice her profession. The coming of the baby, however, presented certain realities she could not ignore. For one, hiring a professional helper to take care of the baby in her absence was expensive. Additionally, professional caretakers were not easy to come by.

Additionally, finding a job itself was not going to be an easy fit considering the alarming rate of youth unemployment in Uganda.

Maria quickly realized that she would have to become a job creator. She decided to stay at home and look after her newborn. To make ends meet, she started a cottage business (home-based).

She explained, “I needed to earn a living while at the same time staying close to my child. That is when I talked to a friend about my predicament and he helped me discover the art of making bags, shoes and art pieces.”

It has been two years since Maria started her cottage business and as they say, the rest is history. Her dream is to make products that can compete at an international level and create employment opportunities for other people.

Collage is supporting Maria to help realize this dream. Collage’s support is in form of visibility and market access, entrepreneurship training and access to credit.

Maria said, “I have faced so many challenges in marketing my products mainly because my quality was still low. Collage has been here for me, challenging me to do better. They have taken my products to greater heights.”

To fellow young entrepreneurs, Maria says, “there is nothing like a bad review because bad reviews push you to keep improving until you get a satisfactory review.”

By Collage, 2020

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