How Consolata Ombogo Turned her Passion for Crocheting into a Viable Business

Growing up, Consolata Ombogo enjoyed watching her mother crochet colorful pieces for the home. She was instantly smitten and decided to learn the skill herself.

Thanks to this skill, she has been able to start a thriving business that is helping her to supplement her income. Her dreams are not small either, she wants to go regional and global. Thanks to Collage, she has been able to showcase her work, strengthen her business skills and expand her market.

We caught up with Consolata to learn a bit about what business is like.

Collage: What is your story?

Consolata: Crocheting, Knitting and Beading are my hobbies. Growing up, I always watched my mother crochet for me and my siblings, a skill that I ultimately admired and wanted to take on. For so long I made crochet products as presents for my friends and family. I toyed with the idea of finding an alternative source of income for some time.  Around that time a colleague approached me to make bowties for his expectant wife. I delivered to expectations. He was impressed and paid me handsomely. It was then that I knew that I wanted to do a business around crocheting.

Collage: What have been some of your greatest achievements?

Consolata: My products are penetrating markets in USA, India, Pakistan and South Africa, thanks to friends who continuously support me at, at home and beyond.

I recently signed a deal for one of my biggest orders to supply chrochet products worth 700,000 Uganda Shillings which for me, is a great achievement.

Collage: What have been the lows?

Consolata: Raw material can be a challenge. They are often inaccessible which limits the quality and variety of products I can produce.

Collage: How has Collage supported your business?

Consolata: Collage has been there for me. They have helped me to market my products and they have also provided training which helps me to improve my business.

Collage: What advise do you have for young entrepreneurs?

Consolata: Young entrepreneurs should take time to learn and understand the business they want to invest in. Many startups crush because owners didn’t invest enough time to learn and study before starting a particular venture. It’s also important that young entrepreneurs engage in businesses they are passionate about and are determined to push to the next level.

Also, start small and expand later as the business grows.


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  • DoreenDecember 4, 2019 at 2:41 pm

    Amazing, this has inspired me to think out of the box. There is more to life than just books

  • Chetan nayeeDecember 5, 2019 at 10:10 am

    Good luck dear

    We are always with you,




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