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Stardard Chartered Future Makers Youth to Work Programme 2023 Cohort 2 for Young People Across Africa.

The Youth to Work program seeks to recruit young and enthusiastic professionals looking for an opportunity to learn new business and consultancy skills and apply them in a real business environment, and contribute to the wider community.ROLES

  • Conduct an in-depth audit of the enterprise’s strengths and areas for development in one of the following three areas: operations, finance or sales and marketing.
  • Develop an action plan based on your analysis to help the enterprise to improve and prepare for growth.
  • Work closely with the Challenges staff and enterprise leadership team to deliver the action plan.
  • Deliver capacity building sessions which improve the SGBs partnerships, communication and opportunities.
  • Deliver key employment readiness workshops to university students.

Support provided by Challenges

  • A comprehensive 2 week training program in professional consulting and business improvement skills
  • Access to best-practice resources to guide you on placement
  • Ongoing training, mentoring and support from Challenges during your enterprise placement
  • Unprecedented opportunity to gain valuable insight into all areas of a enterprise and work alongside their senior management team to develop an action plan
  • An opportunity to develop your current skill set to improving your employability
  • A monthly stipend to cover expenses related to your placement.

Eligibility Criteria 

  1. Be between 21 to 30 years of age or 21 to 35 for persons with disabilities
  2. Have an understanding of business and finance for business, demonstrated through previous work experience and/or hold a relevant university degree
  3. Relevant work experience including previous internship, voluntary work etc.
  4. Good communication, critical thinking and problem solving skills
  5. Interest in small business development, enterprises and entrepreneurship
  6. Ability to travel to training and placement
  7. Ability to commit to the placement full-time and 2 weeks pre-placement training
  8. Must be fluent in both verbal and written English

Please note that Youth to Work is only available for residents of UGANDA, ZAMBIA and GHANA  and applications for Youth to Work Uganda are now open.

1. Effective communication

2. Critical thinking

3. Understanding the bigger picture

4. Planning and managing work

5. Managing relationships


  1. You will be invited to the next round of the recruitment process.
  2. You will be required to travel to and from the business placement location as well as the training place.
  3. You will be required to commit 100% of your time during the placement.
  4. You will be held to a code of conduct throughout the program placement, which will be made available to you at the first day of your training.


Application close:14th,May,2023.

How to apply.

To apply for this opportunity, visit the official site by following the link below.


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Africa’s Business Heroes 2023 ABH Prize Competition (USD 1.5 Million in Prizes)

ABH aims to identify, support, and inspire the next generation of African entrepreneurs who are making an impact in their local communities, working to solve the most pressing problems, and building a more sustainable and inclusive economy for the future.

The initiative aims to be as inclusive as possible. Applications are open in English and French to entrepreneurs from all African countries, all sectors, and all ages who operate businesses formally registered and headquartered in an African country, and that have a 3 year-track record.

Every year, ten finalists will be selected to compete in the ABH grand finale pitch competition and participate in a TV Show that will be broadcast online and across the continent. The finalists compete for a share of US $1.5 million in grant money.

All finalists also join an exclusive community of likeminded entrepreneurs, business professionals, investors and mentors. In addition, they get access to training and networking opportunities to further support them on their business journey


ABH is more than your average competition, and has been designed to provide both applicants and finalists with a range of benefits to meet the needs of entrepreneurs across the African ecosystem:

  • Grant funds of up to $300 000
    Our Top 10 finalists share a prize pool of $1.5 million in grants ranging from $100,000 to $300,000. The first prize takes home $300,000; The 2nd and 3rd prize winners take home $250,000 and $150,000 respectively. All other 7 finalists, take home $100,000. An additional $100,000 is allocated for training.
  • Global recognition and exposure      ABH spotlights talented African entrepreneurs as finalists progress in the competition via press releases, social media, and news articles at every stage of the competition. We also provide significant exposure opportunities to the Top 10 finalists via the Africa’s Business Heroes Show, which is distributed across 40+ African countries.
  • Access to an exclusive & vibrant entrepreneurship community and network.                                          Finalists join an exclusive community of some of the most impactful and successful entrepreneurs from across the continent. ABH organizes numerous online and offline networking opportunities where these entrepreneurs can connect and collaborate.
  • Mentorship from business icons
    Our finalists are given access to mentorship opportunities with global business icons, investors, and business professionals both throughout the competition and afterward.


  • Targeted and practical training programs                                              ABH community members are given access to a range of bespoke training programs including financial management, marketinInsights into your business g, understanding IP law, and more. Finalists are also given the opportunity to access additional programs and services such as investment readiness and management training via our network of partners and judges.
  • Insights into your business
    Throughout the application process, we help our applicants strengthen their storytelling and pitching efforts via an introspective application process. Applicants are also given feedback at each stage of the competition, and they receive advice from numerous business professionals and seasoned entrepreneurs throughout the competition.


  • You’re the founder or a co-Founder.
  • You’re an African citizen or the direct descendant (child/grand-child) of an African citizen.
  • Your company has market traction and at least 3 years of revenue.
  • Your company is registered, headquartered and primarily in an African country.

How to apply

  1. Register an ABH account
  2. Confirm your eligibility
  3. Fill in the application
  4. Get reference
  5. Submit a video of a customer testimonial.

Application deadline: 12th,May,2023.

For more information, visit:

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Apply for the Acumen Gender Equity and Advancement Accelerator Programme for Social Entrepreneurs (Fully funded)


Acumen’s vision is of a world based on dignity, where every human being has an opportunity to thrive. Acumen is seeking a cohort of entrepreneurs who believe that integrating gender equity across strategies, processes, and day-to-day work improves how we address the problems of poverty.

Gender inclusion in business isn’t just the ethical thing to do — it’s also good for the world’s economy and sustainability. Rather than add a gender-equity lens after scaling, it’s easier and more efficient when building an inclusive company to address and prioritize gender from the start.

To support social entrepreneurs committed to leading the change in gender inclusion, our accelerator will equip leaders with the moral leadership lessons, business skills, and learnings from our successful portfolio companies to continue scaling their enterprises in a gender inclusive way.


The accelerator is open to entrepreneurs who:

  • Run a social enterprise (nonprofit or for-profit) based in East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan, Ethiopia) or West Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia, the Gambia) who are working to solve problems of poverty and dignity
  • Are dedicated to investing in their personal and business growth
  • Are deeply committed to the work of tackling poverty and injustice and are interested in being part of a global community bound by values
  • Have an enterprise that has been operational for 18 months or more (please note: if this is your second or third venture, this requirement is flexible. Be sure to include this in your application.)
  • Have a team of three or more full-time staff
  • Have a commitment to serving women across three entry points, and evidence of action in at least one:
    • Market (products and services)
    • Internal organization (workforce and policies)
    • Value chain (supply and distribution)


  • Facilitated virtual Learning Labs for peer learning and discussion
  • Leadership lessons such as Listening to Voices Unheard and Partnering with Humility and Audacity
  • One-on-one consultation calls with Acumen’s team
  • Video tutorials on customer discovery, sales and marketing, financial modeling, pitching, and more
  • Unconscious bias training, workshops, and self-assessment strategies for embedding gender inclusivity into your scaling plan
  • Case studies from social enterprises that have successfully scaled and contributed to gender equity and advancement.

Graduate into Acumen foundry

Upon completing the 12-week program, participants are admitted to The Foundry, an invite-only community designed to accompany entrepreneurs and leaders from around the world by connecting them with the social capital (resources and relationships) to amplify their work in building a just, inclusive, and sustainable world.

Foundry members have exclusive access to:

  • Events to learn and connect with fellow foundry members
  • Professional development opportunities that may include pro-bono consulting services and professional leadership coaching
  • Experts within the Acumen Ecosystem for mentorship or advisory sessions
  • Referrals to affiliated leadership programs and platforms
  • Access to funding, grants offered ad hoc by other organizations, or referrals within the Acumen network.


Application close: April 4, 2023

How to apply

To apply for this opportunity, visit the official site by following the link below:


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Collage focuses on promoting and nurturing Uganda’s Markers working with wood, food, leather, fabric and ceramics.

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Yunus & Youth provides early-stage social business leaders with the tools and training they need to succeed.

The Yunus & Youth Global Fellowship for Social Entrepreneurs is a customized 6-month online program that empowers young people to build, develop and expand innovative and economically viable social businesses that contribute to the achievement of the 17 UN SDGs.

  • Understand and measure the social or enviroment change you wish to create
  • Build a realistic and sustainable business strategy (finance, sales and marketing)
  • Learn how to tell stories to engage customers and investors
  • Leverage on 1:1 moments with mentors and expert mentors
  • Become part of a global community of like-minded people

Eligibility Criteria

The Program invites applicants between 18 and 30 years of age who hold primary decision-making power in organisations created to solve a social or sustainable challenge in their community. seeking applicants who are committed to building a business strategy that makes their organization scalable, financially sustainable, and able to quantify your impact.

  • Your organisation must be already operational
  • You are committed to solving a social or environmental issue and you dedicate yourself to developing a financial model that does not depend on grants or donations
  • You can dedicate, on average, 5 hours per week

Benefits of the Fellowship

  • Free online training
  • Highly customized learning experience supported by live lessons
  • Mentors from Fortune 500 companies
  • Join a global community of social business leaders
  • Be a part of global networks and gain international exposure

To Apply

Apply for this opportunity by visiting the official fellowship website below.

Fellowship 2023

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Collage focuses on promoting and nurturing Uganda’s makers working with wood, food, leather, fabric and ceramics. Visit our shop to support our work here.


Supported by Bold in Africa and a grant from Ignite Culture: ACP-EU Culture Programme (East Africa).
Application Deadline:

6pm, Sunday 12th February 2023

Bold in Africa is an award-winning Ugandan-based retail outlet that carries clothing, accessories, and home decor pieces designed and made in Africa. Committed to the future of fashion and retail and are offering a curriculum that is relevant, progressive and forward thinking, in line with the needs of the fashion and home decor industry.

Bold in Africa launched The Bold Woman Fellowship in 2021 to drive the organization’s commitment to create opportunities for African designers to retail their collections in spaces with excellent exposure and offer training in fashion retail and scaling production.

Bold in Africa calls all young female (35 and under) creative Ugandan based fashion designers and artisans from Uganda to apply to The Bold Woman fellowship cohort 1 of 2023. The fellowship is open to ten (10) women designers and artisans, in the fashion and home décor industry, This 8 week training program focuses on the business side of the fashion and home decor industry. Classes will run on Saturdays from Saturday 18th February – Saturday 15th April 2023, at the Bold in Africa studio. Sessions will run once a week on Saturdays only.


Ugandan-based women in production in the fashion and home decor industry that meet the following requirements:

Applicants must be between the age of 18 and 35.
With at least a year of practical experience in fashion, or home decor production and retailing (taking products to market).
Producing quality products that fit within the Bold in Africa aesthetic.
Running businesses that are facing challenges in moving to the next level, especially on the retail front.
Have an existing portfolio showcasing their work, including pictures. Samples should be available on request.
Applicants do not need to be producing under a registered business.
Applicants should be available to attend a 3-5 hour in-person session every Saturday, with the exception of public holidays, for the duration of the training program.

The Fellowship will focus on the business side of the fashion and home decor industry:

Business Strategy.

Brand Development.



Operations and Management.

Financial Systems.

Scaling your Business and exploring opportunities.

​The Bold Woman Fellowship is supported by a grant from Ignite Cultureea: ACP-EU Culture Programme (Eastern Africa). This fund is being implemented by HEVA, in partnership with the British Council Kenya with the financial contribution of the European Union, and with further support from the Organisation of ACP (African, Caribbean and Pacific) States. It is part of the global ACP-EU Culture Programme.


Applications should be submitted online by 6pm, Sunday 12th February 2023.

Echoing Green Fellowships for Social Entrepreneurs ($80,000 in funding and training)

Who is the fellowship for?

Echoing Green supports bold leaders from all over the world who see possibility in the face of the most existential challenges of our day. Together, we strive to build a world that has yet to exist: a future free from racism and its far-reaching consequences where all people can thrive.

This Fellowship is for people whose enterprises are at an early stage and who are experts on the challenge they’ve chosen to confront. We seek leaders who reflect the community they serve and bring deep knowledge of the issues into their work as they co-design solutions with and for their communities.


  • Will you be 18 years or older by the time you begin the Fellowship?
    • Echoing Green Fellowship applicants must be 18 years or older by August 8, 2022.
  • Are you able to communicate proficiently in English?
    • To be eligible for the Fellowship and fully participate in programming and support offerings, you must be able to communicate in English proficiently. Support throughout the Echoing Green Fellowship is offered in English.
  • Are you an original founder or a leading member of your proposed organization’s original founding team?
    • We use the term “original founder” to describe people who launched or are launching an organization that is their original idea. You cannot have assumed a leadership position within the organization after its founding. To be eligible, you must be a leader with decision-making power within the organization and be either 1) a sole founder or 2) a leading founder on a team of people who created the organization.
  • Are you the primary decision maker for your organization?
    • To be eligible for an Echoing Green Fellowship, applicants must be the primary decision maker and have the ultimate authority over your organization’s growth and strategic vision.
  • Will you be able to work full time on your proposed organization throughout the 18-month Fellowship?
    • If selected for an Echoing Green Fellowship, you may hold other professional responsibilities, but you must work full time, defined here as 40 hours a week, on the work outlined in your Fellowship application, and it must remain as your main professional priority.

Organisational Eligibility

  • Does your proposed organization have a parent organization?
    • Organizations that are independent but have fiscal sponsors are eligible for the Echoing Green Fellowship as long as the fiscal sponsor has no authority over the organization’s work and decision making.
  • Does your proposed organization operate independently and autonomously from your parent organization?
    • To be eligible for an Echoing Green Fellowship, you must be able to make and act on organizational decisions of your own choosing. If other organizations or entities manage or hold decision-making authority for your proposed organization, you may not be eligible. Organizations that are independent but have fiscal sponsors may be eligible as long as the fiscal sponsor has no authority over the organization’s work and decision making.
  • In your personal assessment, would you describe your organization or idea in the “early stage” of its development and in need of financial and non-financial resources to become sustainable?
    • Echoing Green seeks applicants in need of funding to initiate or scale their organizations. We generally describe early-stage organizations or ideas as those that 1) have operated with full-time staff for less than five years or 2) still need resources to grow and sustain their operations. Organizations that already have all of the following in place *may* not qualify as early-stage enough for the Echoing Green Fellowship: a well-defined program model; an initial strategic plan; basic organizational infrastructure (like a bank account, payroll, job descriptions, etc.); a staffing plan; initial funding sources; and a board of directors that meets regularly to manage organizational governance. If you do not have all of these elements in place yet, you may still be in your startup phase and eligible to apply for an Echoing Green Fellowship.
  • Does your organization use lobbying to further its mission or goals?
    • Per the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, Echoing Green cannot distribute funds to organizations whose primary purpose is lobbying. Lobbying is defined as activities that seek to support specific political candidates, specific political parties, or urge action on specific legislative bills. Issue-area advocacy, defined as the attempt to cause political action using methods such as civic education and public campaigns, is not considered lobbying. For more details, please reference the IRS definition here:
  • Does your organization promote or recruit for a specific religious faith?
    • To be eligible for an Echoing Green Fellowship, the organization cannot engage in recruitment, promotion, or conversion for a specific religious faith to your constituency. If your organization’s work has a spiritual element or works with existing faith communities but does not promote or recruit on behalf of that faith, you may be eligible.
  • Have you or any members of the organization’s founding or leadership team previously received an Echoing Green Fellowship?
    • For you and your organization to be eligible for an Echoing Green Fellowship, no founding team members and no people in a leadership position can be an Echoing Green Fellow.

To apply

Visit the official site of this opportunity here to apply and for more information.

Applications due: Tuesday, February 7 at 2:00 PM (14:00) ET

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East Africa Social Business Ecosystem Builders Program for East African Entrepreneurs (Up to EUR 25,000 in funding)

The East Africa Social Business Ecosystem Builders program, initiated by YY Ventures and Yunus Centre, aims to increase the capacity of the existing ecosystem builders in East Africa by giving them access to new knowledge, technical skills and network.

The program will support ten (10) social business support organisations by enrolling them in a two-month-long learning journey. Through this program, two young professionals from each selected organisation (a total of 20 participants) will attend five workshops, design their own social business support programs with experts’ coaching and guidance, and they can apply for a matching fund of up to EUR 25,000 to implement their program activities.

The selected participants will:

  • Receive world-class training from a network of experts to learn the technical know-how to design and implement social business support programs.
  • Have access to funding support of up to EUR 25,000 to implement their proposed ideas.
  • Have access to a global network of social business experts and other regional ecosystem builders, including microfinance institutions, social business funds, Yunus Social Business Centres and incubators/accelerators.

Aim and Benefits of East Africa Social Business Ecosystem Builders Program

The selected participants will:

  • Receive world-class training from a network of experts to learn the technical know-how to design and implement social business support programs.
  • Have access to funding support of up to EUR 25,000 to implement their proposed ideas.
  • Have access to a global network of social business experts and other regional ecosystem builders, including microfinance institutions, social business funds, Yunus Social Business Centres and incubators/accelerators.

Requirements for East Africa Social Business Ecosystem Builders Program Qualification

  1. Only an organisation can apply; therefore, no individual application will be eligible for the learning journey workshops and later matching fund;
  2. Local business support organisations, such as incubators/accelerators, co-working spaces, microfinance institutions, Universities, and Yunus Social Business Centre (YSBC), are eligible to apply;
  3. Applicant organisations must be based in one of the four East African regions – Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda;
  4. Each organisation should nominate at least two early-stage professionals (one male and one female);
  5. Nominated early-stage professionals should be passionate about designing and implementing incubation programs and innovation challenges for young people within their communities; and
  6. Participants should commit at least 5 hours per week for two months of the Learning Journey Workshop series and submit an activity plan to improve the social business ecosystem in their country/region.

Application Deadline

March 10, 2023

For more details, visit YY Ventures website

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Collage focuses on promoting and nurturing Uganda’s makers working with wood, food, leather, fabric and ceramics. Visit our shop to support our work here.


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How to stay motivated as an entrepreneur

They say entrepreneurship is a lonely and hard road. Remember the long hours you have put in and the times when people doubted you—even those closest to you? Most entrepreneurs are all too familiar with the rejection, and the hard work required to keep things moving.

Amidst everything, you must continue pushing, and believing.

Here are five tips to help you stay motivated:

1. Set goals and refer to them every time you feel like giving up.

Why did you start? What did you want to achieve? Write down your reasons for starting. Sometimes it is not a single reason. Some people will tell you they started because they wanted to solve a problem in their community as well as work for themselves. Be clear on why you started and refer to it when you are demotivated.

2. Stay inspired by celebrating the small wins

Celebrate the small successes. Breakdown your goal into smaller goals and steps so you do not get overwhelmed. Each step is important and contributes to the bigger goal. Therefore, take time to appreciate your accomplishments however small. Remember that each step is a part of the bigger puzzle.

3. Cultivate a support system

Invest in relationships with people that bring you joy, people that support you and inspire you to keep going. Seek out and establish friendships with like-minded people. These may be fellow entrepreneurs. In these you will find supporters and advisors.

4. Create a routine to help you realise your targets

Establish a routine to help you manage your time, better structure your days, and to build momentum. A routine will ensure that you do the most important tasks of the day and give you a sense of accomplishment. This will help you build momentum making it easier to persist.


5. Indulge in activities that bring you joy

Stay motivated by engaging in activities that bring you joy beyond your enterprise. Work without play will not only make you dull, but it can also result into resentment. Take time off to do things that make you happy. Indulge in a sport you love. Spend time with people you like. Doing things you love will give you the fuel you need to keep going.

Opportunity: US Mission Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (Get Training, Mentorship, Seed Funding)


In 2019, the Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) established the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE).  AWE provides women entrepreneurs with the skills, resources, and networks needed to start and scale successful businesses.  Through AWE, women entrepreneurs participate in a facilitated entrepreneurship program supplemented with localized content. The program provides networking and mentorship opportunities with successful business owners teaching women to create their own business plans and enabling them to understand how to raise funds for business.


  • You are from Gulu, Kampala, Mbarara or Jinja.
  • You are in agribusiness, small scale manufacturing, technology or creatives or tourism
  • You have a unique or impactful business in the community
Join the AWE Uganda program and become a part of a global network of Entrepreneurs in over 56 countries, and take your business to the next level
NOTE: This program lasts 6 months so Do Not Apply if you are not sure that you will be able to complete it. 
Deadline for application: 2nd August 2022. 
Submit your application using this link.

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Collage focuses on promoting and nurturing Uganda’s makers working with wood, food, leather, fabric and ceramics. Visit our shop to support our work here.