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At Collage, we nurture and promote local artisans to enhance their competitiveness and broaden their market reach. We do this through this online platform and carefully curated training programmes that help them to innovate new products and processes, and to acquire efficient management practices. We are especially targeting cottage producers including stay-at-home moms and youth who may not be able to afford the cost of high-street rental properties.

Importantly, by showcasing locally sourced products, we cultivate an appreciation of local industry within the local population.

Low Listing Rates

Collage charges low listing rates in comparison to major players that charge listing fees on top of a commission that may go as high as 20%. We are a social enterprise and therefore, our primary driver is not just profit. At the heart of our service is the desire to facilitate the creation of jobs and to support micro, small and medium scale businesses to not only access markets but the networks and skills that they need to thrive. We do not charge a commission and our fees do not go beyond UGX 10,000 and may go as low as UGX 500 depending on the product listed. Sellers are however responsible for any transactional costs related to any sale made. This may include bank charges or mobile money taxes and charges.

We Are A Community

At the core of our approach to nurturing developers of local content is a strong belief in community. We are committed to supporting artisans from all walks of life. We do this by facilitating opportunities for networking, mentorship, coaching and training on the technical aspects of strategically growing your business.

We find men and women that are driven and passionate to innovate and produce the very best in their fields of expertise.
Whereas most of our materials are locally and regionally sourced, we also utilize globally sourced materials in order to bring you the excellence that you deserve.
We employ rigorous quality control procedures including an initial screening of products and sellers in order to uphold the quality of products.